Changing the narrative around mental health in the Filipino community, one post at a time.

About Maryann

Behind that smile is a high-functioning depressed woman who has a hard time getting out of bed most days, is anxious every time she has to do something new, hates socializing, uses food to hide her feelings and is insecure about her parenting capabilities.


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Work with me

Helping you radiate life through compassion and courageous steps forward.

What do clients have to say?

The care Maryann has for her clients is evident right from the initial meeting. I really felt as thought I was working with someone who was committed to my growth and together, we were able to tackle every issue brought up. Maryann was able to expand my thinking and shift my perspectives, through empathetic listening and thoughtful prompts. I feel very lucky to have had Maryann coaching me this year.

– Abi S.

Maryann is a true gem. She is authentic, genuine, and compassionate. I appreciate the safe space she provided so I can feel heard and seen without judgement. She truly cares, listens, and meets you were you are. She helped me discover and articulate things about myself that have helped me incredibly and I know will help me for the rest of my life. I had an amazing experience doing coaching with her!

– Lynne T.

From the moment I first interacted with Maryann, she’s always had such a welcoming and warm presence. I’ve been in professional therapy for the past six years for my anxiety and depression, so I feel pretty comfortable with understanding what helps me and what doesn’t. I honestly didn’t think having a life coach would make a difference. I work in a profession in which I travel constantly to attend to clients and their needs. I am always adapting, and trying to find ways to live and cope with my anxiety. But, in just my few sessions I’ve had with her, I’ve been able to end each session with such relief and peace. It is so evident how gifted Maryann is and how she was definitely created specifically for this role. She’s helpful, genuine and so down to earth. But, if I could pick one take away I’ve learned with meeting with her, is that she’s really given me the ability to find a safe space, to give myself permission to feel. Without feeling like I have to explain myself. Or apologize. She’s helped me to discover that I am worthy and that I am valuable. I would truly recommend her to every single person.

– Gema T.