Interviewing a Filipino therapist

I am so excited to share this conversation with you!

Speaking with fellow Filipinos face to face about mental health is so difficult. Moreover, finding a therapist who understands the culture is even harder especially in the Filipino community. So when I found Roanne on Instagram, I was so excited to connect with her. We quickly hit it off via email and even more so during our video chat. Technology is such an amazing tool to connect like minded individuals. I’m amazed how much support is out there!

Interviewing Roanne was important to me because I wanted to hear her perspective and insight on mental health in the Filipino culture. She is able to give two types of perspectives – immigrant Filipino and psychotherapist – the wisdom she has is immeasurable and so valuable to our community. She gave me such insight on so many things about our culture that I didn’t understand. I am confident you will enjoy all of the nuggets of wisdom she shares. Please enjoy the audio interview below.

The Filpino Mom interviews Kalamansi Juice

Interviewing Roanne, psychotherapist, hypnotherapist & creator of Kalamansi Juice blog

About Roanne

Roanne is a pyschotherapist & hypnotherapist located in the Sacramento area. Her main focus is serving Filipinas and redefining what strong means. Her services include stroller sessions and online therapy. When she is not serving others, she is an amazing mom to her adorable twin girls and an amazing wife to her husband. Please support Roanne by following her on Instagram (@kalamansijuice4u), Facebook, and subscribe to her blog, Kalamansi Juice. You can even take a quiz to see what type of Filipino Mom you are and download her Ebook, 5 Pinoy Love Languages.

Continuing the conversation

What was your favorite nugget of wisdom Roanne shared? Please share in the comment section below! I’ve listened to the interview so many times and I hear new things each time.

Please join me next week as I conclude our transplant story with a two year update. So much has happened and I can’t wait for you to hear all about it.

And remember – it is ok to not be ok. Tomorrow is a new day!

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