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I would like to announce the official launch of my coaching business!

While I have coached many individuals on how they are capable of compassionate transformation and loving their authentic self, I want to formally announce the name of my coaching business on this blog because this is where it all started.

Welcome to

Maryann Clark Coaching – Radiate Life

Why – Radiate Life?

In order to understand why I named my coaching business “Radiate Life” you must go back to the beginning and the creation of The Filipino Mom blog logo. That logo really encapsulates my purpose for talking about my life struggles with depression and anxiety as a 1st generation Filipino American. To read more into the reasoning behind naming this blog and its logo, please go back to the blog post – Behind the design.

I want others who are suffering in silence to out worldly know that there is a Filipino who understands the difficulty of mental health disorders with the complexity of our culture. One of the main aspects of the logo that I still wanted to bring with me, if you will, as I expand the brand is the sun rays from the Philippines flag. As you can see, the rays are now facing outward signifying that this coaching business will focus on helping others in this community radiate life through compassion for themselves as they embrace their most authentic self. In doing this, clients may also do the same for the people in their own community and future generations.

Why is this important? As a Filipino American, I have never felt as if I was American or Filipino enough. I have been dubbed a “coconut” many times – brown on the outside but white on the inside. Yup hurtful, I know. As an adult, I understand that I am an American with a Filipino heritage. I don’t need to be anything more than myself. I am enough just as I am.

So to help other’s move towards compassionate self acceptance, we must understand how we got here – unlearn, relearn truth and heal from generational trauma, colonization, and racial biases. Then and only then, can we begin to heal ourselves and move forward.

What’s next?

With the expansion of my brand and the official announcement of Radiate Life, I would like to announce that I am creating a wait list for my group coaching co-creator program launching in a few short weeks.

This inaugural course will be heavily influenced by the brave co-creators who give meaningful input week in and week out. If you would like to get on this wait list, please click on the image or here. Please note that since this collective will be more work for the participants, it will be discounted to offset the weekly input. Once the course is open to applicants, those on the wait list will be given top priority to schedule their one-on-one session to see if we can co-create together. Community is vital for a group coaching course and I want to ensure not only are co-creators committed to creating a meaningful course but also allowing others a safe space to be heard.


I am continuing with my one-on-one tailored coaching course. If you are interested in learning more about how I can support you, please click on the image or click here.

If you would like any further information on future programs or community events, please feel free to join the TFM fam newsletter where I share information with the fam even before it hits social media platforms.

I am honored to serve this community in this capacity. Thank you for being here! Join me as I celebrate this momentous occasion!!

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