1 year in Celebrate Recovery

To make this official, I will introduce myself the CR way:
“Hi, my name is Maryann. I am a grateful believer in Jesus Christ. I have freedom fromĀ all types of abuse. I am healing from codependency, expectations, resentments, and marital hurts.”

I entered the doors of Celebrate Recovery (CR) in July 2022, a month after I filed for legal separation from my husband. This week I will receive my 1 year chip in Celebrate Recovery. 

It has been the hardest year of my life NOT because our marriage ruptured or two adult kids move out of our home in one year. It had nothing to do with external circumstances. This was the most difficult because I was at war with myself – my unrealistic expectations, need for control, denial and deep unresolved resentments.


From the moment I picked up my ‘surrender chip’ to the day I picked up my 1 year chip, I have worked every – moment, second, minute, hour, day – to fight my default way of moving through life. I’ve learned how to move out of denial, surrender my life to Christ, take accountability for my actions, make amends, communicate assertively, and live each day as it is – not as I would have it.

Sounds simple, but it’s not easy. 

I never thought too far ahead because I didn’t believe I could surrender anymore than I already had. So I focused on my steps and surrendering everything to Jesus – for just one more day. By His grace and mercy, I am here one year later, humbled by the life I have been given with deep inner peace. 

Life isn’t perfect and it doesn’t need to be. I am no longer focused how I presume my life should be. I am striving for progress, healing, and restoration all by God’s perfect timing. 

If you are interested in healing from ANY type of hurt, habit, or hang up. I strongly suggest you check out the Celebrate Recovery meetings in your area. I have shared my experience in CR in a previous post.

It’s worth it. You’re worth the work.

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  1. I love this! I started CR in Feb this year and am so thankful!

    1. So proud of you for taking that step! #foreverfamily

  2. Lynne Tugangui Avatar
    Lynne Tugangui

    CR has played a pivotal step in my life as well. I’m so proud of you for doing this for you, for your surrender, and for trusting Him. Happy 1-year!! Love you!!

    1. Thank you! Most freeing year of my life. Love you!

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