It's ok to not be ok.


Maryann hopes to encourage other's suffering in silence to bravely seek support and community.

Hi! Thank you for visiting my corner of the internet and being open to the conversation about mental health, especially in The Filipino Community. I am a first generation Filipinx American, Gen-Xer, Christ follower, born and raised in The Bay Area, California. For the past five years, my family and I have laid our roots in the Phoenix metro area. I am determined to continue to bring awareness and advocacy to Asian communities unaware of their mental health struggles.

I am a mom of five, wife of 20 years to an amazingly supportive husband, and an active member at our home church.

I have been a stay-at-home mom for most of my adult life and now serve my BIPOC community as a Certified Mindset Coach, Mom Mentor, and Mental Health Community Adovcate

In my spare time, I love spending time with my family and friends, having deep conversations, cooking recipes from all over the world, filling my house with houseplants (#plantlady), spa days, restorative yoga, and long uninterrupted naps. I am slightly addicted to my side yard garden (Zone 9b), Breville Espresso Machine and Instapot.

The “Why” behind my blog

It's amazing what you can hide behind a smile, right?

If you were to meet all five feet of me, it’s easy to assume that my life in the desert is picture-perfect, since I am very good at hiding behind a happy, smiling face and positive outlook on life. Behind that smile is a high-functioning depressed woman who has a hard time getting out of bed most days, is anxious every time she has to do something new, hates socializing, uses food to hide her feelings and is insecure about her parenting capabilities. It’s amazing what you can hide behind a smile, right?

Through my years of managing my depression and anxiety, I have become a self-proclaimed mental health advocate. I am not shy about sharing my struggles because I have learned being vocal and transparent helps others who are afraid to speak about their pain.

Thank you for being here and joining me on this journey.

I am not a mental health professional by any means and would like to utilize this blog as a way to share my experiences through my own mental health diagnosis, helping my kids through their mental health journey, and most importantly, opening up the conversation in the Filipino community about mental health.

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It fills my soul to partner with other's who want to have hard conversations about mental health.

If you'd like to work together, email me at

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Moms for Mental Health

MFMH is a faith-based women’s gathering honoring the real, raw experiences of motherhood, parenting, mindset, and mental health. This women’s circle is for mothers on a personal or familial journey with maternal-child mental health mental and well-being.


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