Radiate Life with Maryann

Empowering 1st & 2nd generation decendents of Filipino immigrants

to realign with their inner compass.

To provide an inclusive collaborative environment in which an individual feels confident to share their desire for self-healing and transformation.

To support an inclusive collaborative environment to an individual’s pursuit of a high level of introspection and self-awareness through forward-thinking and curiosity.

To motivate individuals to share their knowledge from self-healing and create a similar inclusive sympathetic environment empowering others to have a deeper introspective understanding and authentic persona.

What a mindset coach is…

wellness professional who help people make progress

in their lives in order to attain greater fulfillment.

As your certified mindset coach, I am able to:

  • provide a safe environment to question current circumstances.
  • encourage you to re-align with your inner knowing.
  • support your curiosity in your abilities and capabilities.
  • advocate for you to reach out medical professionals for proper mental health care.
  • gain clarity on how to reach your goals and aspirations.
  • inspire you to build a community around you of like-minded life changers and heart menders.

What a mindset coach is not

a medical professional. I do not have a degree in mental health training and am not equipped to diagnose or treat mental health conditions.

As your certified mindset coach, I am not able to:

  • dive into past family dysfunctions and unhealthy behavioral patterns.
  • analyze behaviors and problematic issues.
  • diagnose mental health disorders.
  • create a treatment plan to manage mental disorders.

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